Road Test

Call us today to schedule your Road Test!!!  We offer Road Test 7 days a week.
Skip the lines at the DPS offices. Appointment number is 281-741-1421.

Pearwood Driving School Students $50
In-Class Driving Schools $60
Parent Taught / Online Courses $60
Adult (18+) Course $60
Use of PWDS Vehicle:  
Pearwood Driving School Students $10
Non-Students or Other Drivers $20
Reschedule Fee $20
Retakes $30

***  If using your own vehicle:

  1. Vehicle must have valid registration sticker on the windshield.  There is a 5 day grace period for registration sticker.
  2. Vehicle must display two license plates.  One at the exterior front and one at the exterior rear of the vehicle.  License plates must be mounted.
  3. Valid metal dealer plates or paper buyer’s tags are acceptable.
  4. Dealer “in transit” tags are NOT acceptable.
  5.  All blinkers, brake lights and the horn must be in working order.  (Note: Some vehicles have 3 brake lights.  All must be in working order.)
  6.  If raining at time of road test, windshield wipers must be operational, as well as headlights if visibility is diminished.



* Parent/Guardian must be present for Road Test appointment if student is less than 18 years old – (signatures are needed on documents after road test is complete)
* Arrive 10 minutes early for appointment – (ALL documents and signatures should be signed ahead of time in BLACK ink)

Road tests are scheduled every 30 minutes.  If arrival is more than 10 minutes after scheduled time  a reschedule fee may be applied if another road test or appointment has been scheduled after your time.  The road test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete with approximately 10 minutes of paperwork to be done in our offices.  Total time in and out should be no more than 30 minutes.   It is very important that you have ALL documentation and signatures ready ahead of time to avoid any delays and/or possible rescheduling fees.  (See Rescheduling Fee above)

We have listed below exactly what you need to bring to your appointment:  (Please go over list carefully to ensure you have all of the required documentation)

Required Documents to bring to Pearwood Driving School for Road Test


16-17 or 18-24 (Using Teen Driver Education Certificate DE-964)

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age
  2. Non-expired learners permit must be held for a minimum of 6 months (expiration date of 6-month hold can be found on back of permit)
  3. Valid DE-964 Driver Education Certificate filled out in Black ink. Will have been given to you by the school you used for drivers education.
    (Parent to check 30 hr. box at bottom of certificate and sign under Signature of Instructor, write in parent’s drivers license number and fill in date)
  4. Bring Social Security card OR Birth Certificate
  5. Completed 30 Hour Parent Driving Practice Log w/ signature(s) and drivers license number(s) of parent(s)
  6. VOE (Verification of Enrollment from School) – valid for 30 days   ***(Only required at DPS, not required to test at PWDS)***
    DURING SUMMER MONTHS ONLY – Last report card may be used.
  7. View the Impact Texas Teens Video (State required 2 hr. video), print certificate and have parent and student sign certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and it EXPIRES after 90 days.
  8. Proof of Insurance on vehicle being used for testing, if not using Pearwood Driving School’s car.  If you are using our car, proof of insurance is not required.

Online Parent Taught Course (Aceable or other website)

If Online/Parent taught driver education course using DE-964 Certificate (Form will have a PT control number in top right corner) you will need the above items and those listed below:

Please ensure you have the following forms filled out, dated and signed in BLACK ink before you arrive.  You will not be allowed to take the road test without these documents.
1.  Valid DE-964 Texas Driver Education Certificate with PT control number in upper right corner (filled out in black ink)
2.  Classroom Instruction Log (Will show the 32 classroom hours completed in 2 hr. increments and signed off by Parent/Instructor)
3.  30 Hr. Behind the Wheel Instruction Log (Signed by Parent/Instructor with parent/instructor driver’s license number)
4.  7 + 7 In Car Observation & Behind the Wheel Instruction Log (Signed by Parent/Instructor with parent/instructor driver’s license number)


18-24 years (Using Adult Driver Education Certificate ADE-1317)

  1. Copy of Valid ADE-1317 (Completion of 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed. Course)
  2. Valid restricted driver license/permit from DPS (cannot be expired).
  3. Proof of Insurance on vehicle being used for testing.
  4. View the Impact Texas Young Driver Video (State required 1hr. video) and print certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and it EXPIRES in 90 days.

25 Years of age or older

  1. Valid restricted driver license/learner’s permit from DPS (cannot be expired).
  2. View the Impact Texas Young Driver Video and print certificate. Must be completed BEFORE road test and EXPIRES after 90 days.
  3. Proof of insurance on the vehicle being used for testing.