Adult Online Classes


Classroom-only Registration Link   $150

(Ages 18 – 24)

This online course fulfills the State of Texas requirements for 6 hours of classroom instruction and includes the Road Rules Test and Road Signs Test.  Once complete we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to take to the DPS offices to apply for either a Learner’s Permit or your regular drivers license.  To obtain your regular drivers license you must be able to pass the DPS Road Test.

This course does NOT include any Behind-the-Wheel driver’s training lessons.

NOTE:  If you would like to add individual Behind-the-Wheel driver’s training instruction, (3 hrs.) SELECT the PACKAGE below.

6-HOUR PACKAGE w. B-T-W ($285)

Package with (3 hrs.) Behind-The-Wheel Registration   $285

The course includes 6 hours of classroom online as well as 3 hours driving instructions. Once student completes the course and passes the Road Rules and Road Signs Tests,  he or she can contact Pearwood Driving School to make arrangements to receive the necessary paperwork to apply for their Learners Permit. Once the student has been granted their Learners Permit, they may begin scheduling drive times to practice for their Road Test.

NOTE:  Please be aware that a $45.00 “No Show” fee will be charged for any of the following conditions:

  • Not canceling drive time appointment within 24 hours’ notice period.
  • Not showing up for scheduled appointment.
  • Not showing up for scheduled Drive/Observation appointment on time. (10 minute grace period)  
  • Not showing up with permit on person, permit has expired, or if not adhering to permit restrictions (glasses, contacts, etc.).
  • Arriving in physical condition unsuitable to driving and/or not wearing appropriate footwear.

Absolute drive times are not guaranteed for any one student. Driving schedule availability opens online weekly, and is on a first come, first serve basis.  We ask that each student only sign up for drive times once a week or so, so that all students have a chance to fulfill their requirements as well.  This amount of time allows students to practice driving with their parent/guardian to enhance their driving skills prior to their next scheduled drive time.  We have noticed dramatic improvement between drive times when parents practice with their teen drivers.