Behind the Wheel Instruction

Teen or Adult Private Driving Lessons

Client must have a valid, unexpired learner’s permit in order to take lessons!


Packages offered:

Number of lessons: Length of Lesson: Cost per hour: TOTAL:
5 1 hr. $85 $425
7 1 hr. $85 $595
10 1 hr. $75 $750


Please call 281-741-1421 to coordinate office meeting.  If no one answers, please leave message on machine regarding private drive lessons.  Leave your name and number so that we can return your call at our earliest convenience.

Upon meeting in person in office:

  1.  Client will need to show unexpired learner’s permit or driver’s license.
  2.  Client must sign contract and pay for services in advance.  There is no pay per lesson option.
  3.  Upon payment, we will start scheduling drive times according to availability of both parties.


Drive Time Instructions:

  1.  One (1) cancellation/reschedule is allowed if notice is given within 24 hours.  If notice is not given within 24 hours, drive time will be forfeited.
  2.  If client does not show up for scheduled drive time, or is more than 15 minutes late, that drive time/lesson will be forfeited.
  3.  If client shows up without physical permit, or permit has expired, that drive time/lesson will be forfeited.
  4.  Client is aware that without practice between drive lessons, skills may not increase quickly. Client will use their best efforts to continue to practice between drive lessons.
  5.  Client will have 6 months to complete all lessons, otherwise payment will be forfeited.